5 Reasons Why Your Twitter Follower Decreasing

Social networks like Twitter should be a place to socialize in Internet. In addition to socializing, twitter could also be the place to find the best information. You can sharing your ideas and thoughts. But what if you actually shunned by some people because of twitter? Why is the number of your followers have decreased? Is something wrong on your tweets?

If you are confused why your twitter followers decreasing, or even a follower block you? Here are five reasons that can make your twitter follower decreasing.

1. Too Passive

Twitter is a microblogging media, in which the account owner is usually an active person and like to socialize. If they find there is one account that never change the Twitter status, then they will think your account is just a machine, spam or accounts that are not proprietary.

Well, if you do not write or tweets anything for months, do not be surprised if when you open your account, the number of your followers is decreasing.

2. Your timeline is full of criticism

Nothing wrong with being critical and express opinions on various things. But if the contents of your tweets always denounce, criticize it spicy or with deliberate ‘attack’ and vilify others, do not be surprised if they ‘throw’ you from the list of followers. Should not posting anything to discredit a particular religion or tribe. Not only they will unfollow you, you could also be prosecuted.

3. Your tweet is boring

Write the tweet that is contain informative, inspirational, humorous or unique facts if you want your followers remain ‘faithful’. Do not tweet with the boring stuff, like complaints, work, or the trivial things that are not too important.

Maybe once in a while it does not matter. But if you change your tweet every minute with a general topic, people will get bored and eventually remove your twitter from their account.

4. Always talking yourselves

No one likes the person who talked only about himself. If you always post on twitter about your life, do not expect people will be interested to see it. Unless you are a celebrity or famous people throughout the world.

5. Your twitter account is Robot / Machine

There are a lot of Twitter accounts that are controlled by robot / machine. Twitter account which automated to follow people with their hopes as well to follow behind.

If you do not reply to following in some time, they will unfollow you to keep the ratio. For this one, you do not have to worry if the follower was suddenly decreasing.

image by: chibird